The next-generation model replacing our successful NEC-7000 control unit offers the same basic functions: operation of 2 primary electrodes and an additional optional electrode, controlled by a second regulator circuit, including control of the pool water temperature via a heat exchanger.

At the same time the completely redesigned control unit offers the same professional functions as its sister models NEC-5000 and NEC-5010: ampere stabilized operation with combinable time and flow rate parameters, including volume flow-dependent electrolysis depending on the flow monitor installed.

The control unit has an optional touch screen operating display, which in addition to more convenient operation also provides a detailed Log history function.


SystemPool VolumeControl UnitPrimary ElectrodeAuxiliary Electrode (optional)Measurement System
NEC-5070.130 - 40 m3NEC-5070Mini-Combi x 1Mini-Ag x 1Cu-test Kit Comparator
NEC-5070.250 - 80 m3NEC-5070Maxi-Combi x 1Mini-Ag x 1Cu-test Kit Comparator
NEC-5070.4100 -160 m3NEC-5070Doublesize-Combi x 1Mini-Ag x 1Cu-test Kit Comparator
NEC-5070.5250 – 320 m3NEC-5070Doublesize-Combi x 2Mini-Ag x 1Cu-test Kit Comparator


       - NECON installation to Swimming Pools (Sand Filter):

  1. Control Unit
  2. Auxiliary Electrode (Ag)
  3. Primary Electrode (Cu-Ag alloy)
  4. Sand Filter
  5. Filtration Pump
  6. Skimmer
  7. Heat Exchanger

       - NECON installation scaled-up to Swimming Pools (Sand Filter):

  1. Control Unit
  2. Auxiliary Electrode (Ag)
  3. Primary Electrode (Cu-Ag alloy)
  4. Heat Exchanger
  5. Sand Filter
  6. Multiport Valve
  7. Drainage
  8. Filtration Pump


       - Control Unit:


Primary Electrode ControlAuxiliary Electrode ControlPower Supply    Power ConsumptionPrimary Electrode Current (auxiliary)Dimensions     (W x H x D)WeightControl of the Pool Water TemperaturePump ControlTouch Screen
NEC-5070 YesYes110/ 230 V370 W

1 – 7 A (0.25 – 2.5 A)

335 x 270 x 1503.5 kgYesYesOptional



       - Electrodes:

 WeightDimensions       (W x H x D)Service Life with 0.5-1 ppm level of Cu (feed water)Cell Temperature ResistanceCell MaterialCell Pressure Resistance (Plastic)Optional Cell MaterialCell Pressure Resistance (Cast Metal)
Mini-Combi1 kg200 x 115 x 100900 – 1 800 m370 C0Plastic3 barCast Metal6 bar
Maxi-Combi8 kg200 x 115 x 1007 500 – 15 000 m370 C0Plastic3 barCast Metal6 bar
Doublesize- Combi16 kg540 x 225 x 20015 000 – 30 000 m370 C0Plastic3 bar----
Doublesize- Combi16 kg715 x 195 x 19530 000 – 60 000 m360 C0----Stainless steel6 bar


B5070Control Unit NEC-5070
UtouchTouch Panel Surface of Control Unit NEC-5010
C21031Mini-size Combi Electrode Package
B21063Mini-size Treatment Cell Body 
В21068Mini-size Treatment Cell Top Lid 
B21012Cu-test Kit Comparator
C21035Maxi-size Combi Electrode Package 
B21064Maxi-size Treatment Cell Body 
B21067Maxi-size Treatment Cell Top Lid 
C21039Double-size Combi Electrode Package 
B21066Double-size Treatment Cell Body 
B21069Double-size Treatment Cell Top Lid 
B21076Wall Mount for Maxi Double-size Electrode Housings
B21072Gasket for Mini-size Treatment Cell
B 21073Gasket for MAXI-size Treatment Cell
B 21075Gasket for Doublesize Treatment Cell
C21036Electrode Package Mini-size, 3 Plates Ag 4 Plates Cu



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